Acacia / Maplewood Discipline 47cm Chess Board

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Acacia / Maplewood Discipline 47cm Chess Board (board only)

Material: Maplewood

Weight: 3kg

Board Dimensions

  • Total Box Size: 47 cm x 47 cm x 1.5 cm
  • Handmaid inlaid (laminated) chess board

This model combines the colours of the elegant walnut and oak stained maplewood. Its surface has a matte varnish that enhances the richness of the wood tones and provides a smooth texture for the chess pieces to slide with precision.

What is Erable?

Erable is a variety of Maple, in fact 'erable' means 'Maple' in French. Erable is light in colour and has a rich quilted grain which lends itself to being stained in a variety of colours.


This board is featured with pieces (sold separately)

Best paired with the Boxwood Elite/Acacia 95mm Chess Pieces