Acacia/Maplewood 47cm Chess Board with Boxwood Elite/Acacia 95mm Chess Pieces Chess Set

BS-WS-AS-50-00 & PS-WS-AB-95-00
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Acacia / Maplewood Discipline 47cm Chess Board with Boxwood Elite/Acacia  95mm Chess Pieces

  • 47cm Chess board 
  • Square size: 50mm x 50mm
  • King Size: 3.75″ Inches (95mm) (9.5 cm)

Pieces are handcrafted from quality maplewood and Boxwood, board is made of wood and high quality veneer. 

Experience the unmatched elegance of a classic. This chess set combines timeless beauty with a touch of luxury, offering an enduring appeal that transcends trends. Perfect for those who appreciate sophistication in every detail.


Both Board and Pieces can also be purchased separately: