95mm Special Knight Brass / Metal Chess Pieces on 50cm Acacia / Boxwood Chess Board

Rex Noir
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Rex Noir Luxury Chess Set with 95mm Metal / Brass Special Knight pieces on 50cm Acacia / Boxwood Chess Board

PRE-SPEC-95 (KNM5) Chess Pieces 95mm / 3.75"

Material: Brass / Metal


King - 117grams
Queen - 89grams
Bishop - 86grams
Knight - 110grams
Rook - 80grams
Pawn - 46.5grams

Rex Noir Discipline 50cm Chess Board

Material: Acacia wood / Boxwood

Board Dimensions:

Board - 48 cm X 48 cm 
Square - 50 mm X 50 mm
Board Thickness - 22 mm