Rex Noir World Championship 95mm Chess Set on 45cm Ebony Board

Rex Noir
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Rex Noir World Championship 2014 Chess set - 45cm Ebony Board with Ebonized 95mm Pieces

Rex Noir K033WCC Pieces:

Wood Combinations: Boxwood / Ebonized Boxwood

Based on the World Championship 2014 Pieces.

King Size: 3.75″ Inches (95mm) (9.5 cm)

Base Size: 1.45″ Inches (37mm) (3.7 cm)

Double Weighted wooden pieces. 

Includes 32 chessmen

Rex Noir DIS-E-45 Board:

Wood Combinations: Boxwood (light) / Ebony (dark)




Board - 45.7 cm X 45.7 cm 
Square - 45 mm X 45 mm
Board Thickness - 22 mm