Rex Noir 50cm Acacia Chess Board with 110mm Brass / Copper look pieces

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We have hand selected these pieces to match the board for it's stunning looks and playability.

Rex Noir Discipline 50cm Acacia and Boxwood Chess Board with Dal Rossi 110mm Brass and Copper look pieces

BOARD: Rex Noir Discipline 50cm Acacia and Boxwood Chess Board

Material: Acacia (dark) and Boxwood (light)

Board Dimensions:

Board - 48 cm X 48 cm 
Square - 50 mm X 50 mm
Board Thickness - 22 mm

Green Felt padded underside.

Handmade in India.

PIECES: Dal Rossi 110mm Bronze / Copper Colour Chess Pieces

If you want pieces that make a statement, look no further. The Dal Rossi Bronze/Copper Finish Chess Pieces will become the Centerpiece of your Living Room, Studio, or Library.
These Pieces are Triple Weighted, and you'll notice. Once you pick them up to play, you will wonder how you got by before. Triple Weight or no way!

Pieces Details:  

  • 32 Chess Pieces
  • Triple Weighted Pieces (so they feel nice and heavy in your hand and on the board)
  • King's Height 110mm 
  • King's Base 47mm diameter

The metal chess pieces feel great in the hand and are carefully crafted for the serious chess player. The total weight of this set is 1.8kg. so you'll enjoy the feel of each piece in your hand as you defeat your opponent move by move. These high quality metal pieces are made out of a durable zinc alloy with bronze and gold electroplated finish. In addition, they are padded with felt on the bottom to protect your board. 

King = 110mm tall, 47mm base, 100grams.
Queen = 94mm tall, 45mm base, 92grams.
Knight = 77mm tall, 40mm base, 69grams.
Rook = 76mm tall, 41mm base, 70grams.
Bishop = 86mm tall, 42mm base, 70grams.
Pawn = 60mm tall, 35mm base, 37grams