Manopoulos GREEK ROMAN PERIOD CHESS SET with blue/brown chessmen and bronze chessboard 28cm

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GREEK ROMAN PERIOD CHESS SET with blue/brown chessmen and bronze chessboard 28 x 28cm 


The Chessmen


This period was characterized by fierce local as well as international wars. The aggressiveness of the Pawn and the Knight fully represent the ferocity of these wars. The posture of the King and Queen indicates their unquestionable leadership. The Bishop reveals his consideration for the movements of the imminent battle.  
Finally, the Castle is a reproduction of a pillar which characterized the architectural style during that period.

Package Contents:


  • Wooden case with storage
  • Manopoulos gift box
  • 32 Chessmen
  • 28cm Chess Board

Dimensions and Weight:

Dimensions of the Board 28 x 28cm 11.02 x 11.02 in
Weight of set 3.4 Kg 7.50 lb




  • Chessboard: Brass
  • Chessmen: Zinc Alloy 5
  • Wooden case: Laminated wood


The Manopoulos Handcrafted Chess Process

Our premium quality chess collection is the result of gifted sculptors’ inspiration and high level workmanship with a deep respect in the ancient Greek civilization. The use of the most advanced technology of die casting and metal plating and the choice of the best materials give our customers a 5-year guarantee. The chessmen are varnished and finished off by hand. We are proud to produce this unique chess collection engaged to great cultural value.

2 year Manufacturers Warranty