Dal Rossi 50cm Walnut Board & 105mm Gold/Silver Chess Pieces

Dal Rossi
L2255 & DCP04GS
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This stunning Dal Rossi Chess Set includes a Walnut Finish Chess Board with Storage Compartment and the visually appealing 105mm Silver / Gold Chess Pieces. 

Dal Rossi Walnut Chess Board with Storage Compartment

Board Dimensions (L2255DR)

  • Square Size: 50mm x 50mm
  • Total Box Size: 50cm x 50cm
  • Laminated outer with Printed glossy Walnut look. 

Compartment Dimensions:

  • Pawns Compartment: L 55mm x H 80mm
  • Pieces Compartment: L 55mm x H 114mm

105mm Silver/Gold Colour Chess Pieces (DCP04GS)

Pieces Details:  

  • 32+ Chess Pieces PLUS 2 extra Queens.
  • Made of Metallic Look Acrylic material
  • Triple Weighted Pieces
  • King's Height 105mm
  • King's Base 47mm diameter

King Height @ 106mm, Weight @ 77.77grams
Queen Height @ 82mm, Weight @ 58.28grams
Bishop Height @ 76mm, Weight @ 42.98grams
Knight Height @ 69mm, Weight @ 62.98grams
Rook Height @ 62mm, Weight @ 61.35grams
Pawn Height @ 55mm, Weight @ 35.20grams


12 Month Manufacturers Warranty