Digital Chess

Digital and Computer Chess Sets. Play against the computer, through an APP or online with other players around the world. 

Also known as Computer Chess or Electronic Chess, these sets allow you to play against “the computer” or online. The traditional Digital sets are a stand alone unit with an inbuilt computer interface with whom you can play against at differing levels of competence. 

The more modern units connect to an APP or online via Bluetooth and they have AI (artificial intelligence) software to play against - these are great for learning how to play and for advanced training. With the Bluetooth units you are required to have an internet or data connection and a device to connect to (phone or tablet etc). 

- Providing a chess playing opponent when there’s no one else 

- Play at a level that’s suitable to your skill level

- Practice and improve at chess in a playing environment

- Rather than just playing online using a mouse or finger, there is great benefit in playing and viewing physical chess pieces.