Tournament Sets

TOURNAMENT CHESS - a typical Club or Tournament Set is used in schools, chess clubs and tournaments. These are also perfect for families or for any type of Scholastic use. 

Size: 50cm Board with 55mm squares

Board Style: 

Vinyl Rollup - a thin vinyl rollup board (needs to be kept flat or rolled in between use).

Folding - a vinyl covered cardboard board that folds in half or in quarters

Silicone Rollup - a soft silicone rubber that will always lay flat no matter how much it is folded or screwed up.

Mousepad Style - a thicker mousepad style rubber mat which will always lay flat.

Wooden - high level tournaments with Master to Grandmaster level players use wooden boards and pieces. 

Tournament Boards also typically include Algebraic Notations (letters and numbers along the side). Algebraic notation is the standard method for recording and describing the moves in a game of chess. It is based on a system of coordinates to uniquely identify each square on the board.

Tournament Pieces:

Staunton style, typically Plastic although can be wooden 

95mm (3.75”) King height to suit 50cm board

Available in Single Weighted or Double Weighted - the heavier the piece the nicer they feel to play.  

Chess World have supplied our Boxed Tournament Chess Sets for the Australian National Interschool Chess Championships for many years.