Tournament Chess Set with Woodgrain Mousepad 50cm Board and 95mm Double Weighted pieces

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Tournament Chess Set with 50cm Woodgrain Rubber Mousepad Chess Board and Double Weighted 95mm Chess Pieces


50cm x 50cm Rubber Mousepad style Board with Wood Grain print.

These are great chess boards for blitz play as they lay flat and won't slide or move.

You also can roll them, fold them or stuff them into a bag and they still lay flat when in use. 

They have 2 1/4" squares and algebraic notation around all sides of the chess board.

They meet all chess tournament standards (FIDE)

Thickness: Only 2mm, very thin mouse pad feel
Soft mouse pad feel
Meets all tournament standards
Stays flat and in place
Washable material
Wood Grain print

Includes: Chess World Cotton Storage / Carry Bag

PIECES: PP963 95mm Double Weighted Tournament Chess Pieces

The ultimate chess pieces for serious play. They are Tournament sized, double weighted and feel great to move against your opponent. 

No dramas. This is a set of pieces that does not joke around.

Built tough for the Player on the move, these are perfect 95mm Double Weighted Tournament Chess Pieces. 
This set will withstand some serious abuse. 

The chess pieces have green felt on the bottom for smooth play on any surface. 

These are very popular with Schools, Chess Clubs and for Chess Tournaments. 

95mm King Height.

37mm King Width.

34 x Chessmen (set includes 2 x Extra Queens)

Includes Zip up Storage Bag (RED)

Total Weight of pieces in bag = 0.959 grams

King Weight - 52.75g
Queen Weight - 47.16g
Bishop Weight - 26.62g
Knight Weight - 35.00g
Rook Weight - 35.07g
Pawn Weight - 14.38g

Weights will vary slightly.  


  • 5

    Posted by Hemanth Gajula on 8th Jan 2024

    The Chess Set is of great quality, is flexible and easy to carry around, highly recommend it.

  • 5
    This was for my husband so he can take set wherever he goes. Loves the size of pieces and board, the weight, the quality, two queens, and easy to transport. Bought a special folding table to take with him so can play anywhere as it was so large. He l

    Posted by Colette MacPherson on 15th Jul 2023

    Keep up the good work of producing quality products at competitive prices. We have bought previously and surely will again.??