Dal Rossi 105mm Ebony/Boxwood Double Weighted Chess Pieces

Dal Rossi
PRE-E-STEP-55 + L3063DR
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Dal Rossi 105 mm Ebony/Boxwood Double Weighted Chess Pieces

  • Material: Ebony / Boxwood
  • King's Height: 105 mm
  • King's Base: 42 mm 
  • 34 Chess Pieces (includes extra Queens)

Each piece showcases the high-quality craftsmanship expected of a premium product.

Dal Rossi Italy is the epitome of sophistication, elegance and superior quality whilst being centred around having a gracious, cultured existence making available to you flawless, uncompromising and beautifully selected pieces which will remain eternal treasures in your home. Creating premium quality board games since the 1980’s.


Pieces are featured with various boards (sold separately):


Compatible with any board 50 cm or bigger. 

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty