Tournament Chess Set 95mm Single Weighted Pieces with Folding Board

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Standard Tournament Chess Set with Folding Board

Tournament standard 95mm Single Weighted Plastic Chess Pieces (includes extra Queens)
with 50cm Folding vinyl Chess Board

Choose from:

  • Black & White Vinyl Folding Board (will be back in stock by end of July 2023). 
  • Green & Beige Vinyl Folding Board

Board Material: Vinyl over Cardboard
Board Size: 50cm X 50cm
Square Size: 5.5cm X 5.5cm

Includes Algebraic Notations (letters and numbers along side)

Board has a Chess World logo in the A1 and H8 positions.

PIECES: PP953 95mm Single Weighted Tournament Chess Set

Our budget Tournament Pieces are anything but "cheaply made".

Built tough for the Player on the move, this is a perfect 95mm Single Weighted Tournament Chess Set (includes extra Queens). 

Perfect for Schools, Chess Clubs and Tournament Play.

King Height 95mm 

King Width at Base 37mm

Includes Zip Up Storage Bag (blue)

34 Chessmen (includes 2 x extra Queens)

Total Weight of pieces in bag = 0.474 grams

King Weight - 25.51g
Queen Weight - 21.80g
Bishop Weight - 13.61g
Knight Weight - 15.94g
Rook Weight - 13.86g
Pawn Weight - 7.11g

* Weights will vary.


  • 5
    Tournament Chess Set95mm Single Weighted Pieces

    Posted by Wendy McFerran on 18th Nov 2021

    Fantastic service and product - we will definately be coming back for more - thank you!

  • 5
    Beautiful set

    Posted by Graeme Moore on 23rd Jul 2020

    The photo's on the site do not do justice to this set. It's simply beautiful. Solid pieces with good detail, very good board both practically and visually and really makes you want to play the game. The extra Queen is a great idea. No more using taken pieces or token objects to represent a new Queen = better game experience. Delivery was so slick and professional. Thank you Chess World. Really appreciate the product and service.

  • 5
    Nice set

    Posted by Luisa on 13th Jul 2020

    great set, solid pieces and great and quick service delivery!!