Rex Noir Lotus Handcrafted 101mm Bone Chess Pieces with Storage Case

Rex Noir
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Rex Noir Lotus Handcarved Bone Chess Pieces in Storage Box

4" - 101mm King Height

30mm King Width at Base

32 x Chessmen Included.

Camel bone makes an excellent material for chess pieces because of its durability and ease of shaping.

Includes Rex Noir KFC 4" Storage Case

Rex Noir Chess Storage Box Black Organic Leather for up to 101-110mm pieces

Generic Fit Chess Storage for pieces up to and including 101-110mm King Height.

Black Organic Leather with Felt Lining.

Quality Chess Piece Storage Box


Pieces and Storage Case Only - Board Not Included.

Photos show pieces on 45cm Ebony Board.

Suitable Board size is 40cm - 45cm (these are tall pieces but quite a small width so a smaller board than normal for their height).