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PLAY CHESS ONLINE with this physical digital chess set. 

eONE is an electronic chess board specially designed for players who like to play online chess, and who want to get back the real, authentic game feeling.

Moves are entered comfortably on the electronic sensor board with real pieces. The moves are transmitted in real time via bluetooth or USB to compatible apps, online platforms or chess programs.

Natural playing feel

The fully automatic move recognition and the move display by means of 81 LEDs enable a completely natural game feeling. There is no need to press on the pieces to enter the move, which is common for chess computers. Here you can move the pieces naturally.

You don't have to look away from the board to enter your opponent's moves. Your concentration stays where it should be - on the game!

Play online

Get the authentic chess feeling and play online chess on the real chess board. Connect your board to one of three free apps (ChessLink,, White Pawn) and find an opponent on, or

Or connect your board to one of several offline chess programs such as HIARCS or Chess for Android.

Set up, switch on, start playing

The eONE has everything you need for gaming built right in: Bluetooth and USB data transfer and, of course, a powerful lithium battery that provides power for at least 24 hours of play.So you can set it up, turn it on, and start playing, without any cables. Within seconds, the eONE is ready to play.

Chess specific features:
Suitable for: Players who like to play online chess, and who want to get back the real, authentic game feeling.
Additional pieces: 2 queens additionally included
Pieces included: Yes, with unique MILLENNIUM design
Magnetic Pieces : No
Piece compartment: No, piece storage in piece bag
Measurements of chess board: 31 x 31 cm / 12,2 x 12,2 inches
King's height: 5,5 cm / 2,17 inches
Chess board technology: Automatic move recognition
Move indication: 81 LEDs (4 per chessboard), dimmable
Play online:
Necessary accessories: none
Required app: ChessLink App for Lichess; Android App
Compatible mobile devices: Android devices from Android 6.0 with Bluetooth BLE; iOS devices; Tornelo via Windows PC
Supported servers:,,
Power supply:
Batteries required: No, lithium-ion battery integrated
Power supply included: No
Power supply connection: No, charging via USB cable
Dimensions & weights:
Length connection cable: 40 cm / 15.7 inches
Article weight: 1,9 kg
Model number & age recommendation:
Model number: M841
Age recommended by manufacturer: 9 Years & Up