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Millennium Chess Computer - The King Competition.

The universal genius among chess computers. With 81 LEDs for move display, The King software, adaptive levels & Chess960. Play online via ChessLink module. Super-smooth pressure sensor board.

Comfort & Playing Pleasure

A total of 81 LEDs (4 LEDs per board) show the opponent's moves directly on the board. There is no need to look at a display or screen in addition. 
The pressure sensor chess board is super-smooth thanks to the once again refined MILLENNIUM HighSensity technology. So a light pressure of the pieces on the chess board is enough to indicate a move.

The King Features 

With The King, an opponent awaits you who offers completely new and interesting challenges with his very active, risk-taking, sometimes downright spectacular style of play. You will never play against a chess computer in a more human and emotional way! 
The computer adapts flexibly to your abilities in 4 adaptive game levels. On the entry level "Play & Win" even chess novices have a chance to defeat it. In addition, there are the ELO levels, where you get an approximate estimate of your own rating. 
The function for saving different opponent personalities allows you to configure your own "personal king" step by step.  
For the first time, the popular game Chess960 according to the official FIDE rules has been integrated.  

Play online with Additional ChessLink module (purchased separately) 

Get the authentic chess feeling and play online chess on the real chess board. Connect your board via the ChessLink module to one of three free apps (ChessLink,, White Pawn) and find an opponent on or or

Or connect your board to one of several offline chess programs such as HIARCS or Chess for Android.

The connection between the board and your (mobile) device is established via the optional Bluetooth module ChessLink.

Chess specific features:
Suitable for: For all chess lovers, from primary school children to grandmasters
Playing strength: From beginner to > 2500 ELO (according to SSDF list)
Additional pieces: 2 queens additionally included
Pieces included: chess pieces
Magnetic Pieces : No
Piece compartment: No, piece storage in piece bag
Measurements of chess board: 32 x 32 cm / 12,6 x 12,6 inches
King's height: 7,2 cm / 2,83 inch
Chess board technology: Pressure Sensor Board, Millennium HighSensity Technology
Move indication: 81 LEDs (4 per chessboard), dimmable
Display with lighting : Yes, multilevel dimming, can be switched off
Processor: ARM Cortex M7, 300 MHz processor
CPU clock frequency: From 10 - 300 MHz variably adjustable
Connection to the ChessLink: 4-pin standard mini din cable included
Program: The King
Author: Johan de Koning
Device languages: 7 (GER / ENG / FRA / DUT / SPA / ITA / RUS)
Menu system: Text-based / Graphic, all device languages
Updateable Software : Yes, via USB
Play online:
Necessary accessories: ChessLink Modul M822
Required app: ChessLink App for Lichess; Android App
Compatible mobile devices: Android devices from Android 6.0 with Bluetooth BLE; iOS devices; Tornelo via Windows PC
Supported servers:,,
Power supply:
Power supply included: Yes, with interchangeable attachments for EU / UK / US
Power supply connection: Yes, 100 - 240V 50/60 Hz Input - 9V 1A Output
Dimensions & weights:
Measurements of product: 43,6 x 43,6 x 2,8 cm / 17.2 x 17.2 x 1.1 inches
Length connection cable: 100 cm / 39.4 inches
Model number & age recommendation:
Model number: M831
Age recommended by manufacturer: 6 Years & Up