Giant 70cm Rosewood and Teak Chess Set with 12.5cm pieces.

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Giant 70cm Rosewood and Teak Chess Set with 12.5cm King Height. 

In conjunction with AIDHUB Foundation Australia. 

Bali has experienced an economic meltdown (85%+ - AUD $850m per month) causing mass unemployment and a poverty crisis. To help, AidHub Foundation opened a Crisis Food Bank and to date has provided of over 420,000 much needed meals to those in need, but we need your support.

Each Set sold provides over 2,600 meals to those in need in Bali.

The artist’s name is Ida Bagus, he comes from the village named Tampak Siring in the regency of Gianyar, Bali. It's 42 kilometers to the north of the island from the Bali airport. This regency is known as the center of the art in the island of Bali. The community lives in his village has a specialty in wood and bone carving. Like most other artists in Bali, his skill and excellence are passed down from generation to generation. 

To create the perfect contrast between black and white for this chess set. Ida Bagus uses Rosewood to get a bold dark color for black pieces and tiles. And uses Teak Wood to get a bright color for the white pieces and tiles. 

The Description: 

The board: length 70 cm, width 70 cm, height 3 cm 

Square Size = 8cm x 8cm 

Box for the chess pieces: length 20 cm, width 25 cm, height 20 cm 

Pawn:  height 8 cm, diameter 5 cm
Rook: height 8.5 cm, diameter 5 cm 

Knight: height 9 cm, diameter 5 cm
Bishop: height 10 cm, diameter 5 cm
Queen: height 11,5 cm, diameter 6 cm
King: height 12,5 cm, diameter 6 cm

Total weight: up to 13000 grams. (13kgs)

This magnificent oversized chess set is the perfect statement piece for any office, mancave, boardroom or home.