Rex Noir Premium Luxury 4.5" 110mm Ebony / Boxwood Chess Pieces

Rex Noir
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Rex Noir Premium Luxury Royal Valencia Chess Pieces with Storage Box

Wood Combinations: Ebony / Boxwood

Includes 34 x Chessmen (2 x extra queens)

King Size: 4.50″ Inches, (110mm) (11.0cm)

King Base size: 1.88″ Inches, (48mm) (4.8cm)

These exquisite hand carved Chess pieces in stunning Padauk (dark) and Boxwood (light) woods includes a flat storage box. 

The pieces have a luxury feel and weight and play amazingly well. Pieces have green felt lining on the base. 

King - 110mm / 48mm @ 109.54grams

Queen - 98.75mm / 56mm @ 98.75grams

Bishop - 82mm / 41mm @ 77.31grams

Knight - 82mm / 42mm @ 65.08grams

Rook - 68mm / 41mm @ 81.27grams

Pawn - 60mm / 35mm @ 39.80grams

Includes: KFC1 Leatherette Storage Box with Green Felt Lining.  


Pieces and Storage Case Only - Does not include Board:

Suitable for 55cm Boards - photo taken with PRE-E-STEP-55