Dal Rossi Medieval Warriors & Black Leather Board Chess Set

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L2235DR & L2228DR
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Product Overview

This exquisite Dal Rossi Chess Set features a Black Leather PU 45cm Board with Luxury Pewter Pieces

Dal Rossi 45cm Chess Board and Storage

Black with PU Leather Edge with compartments and lock.

This classy looking Black and White Chess Board with Leather look edging and storage underneath for all of your chess pieces. 

Internal Storage sizes will accept up to the following size pieces. 

125mm x 48mm (large pieces)
75mm x 48mm (small pieces / pawns)

* Leather Look = Not real leather (no animals harmed here!) 

Pieces Information

  • Material: Pewter
  • King Size: 90mm
  • 32 Heavy Weighted Pieces
  • Total weight of pieces in carboard box packaging = 7.656kg

GOLD Pieces:

PAWN: 227.88 grams
ROOK: 181.85 grams
KNIGHT: 202.18 grams
BISHOP: 210.84 grams
QUEEN: 251.98 grams
KING: 285.55 grams

SILVER Pieces:

PAWN: 190.67 grams
ROOK: 172.51 grams
KNIGHT: 185.54 grams
BISHOP: 236.84 grams
QUEEN: 258.4 grams
KING: 287.0 grams


(No reviews yet) Write a Review