Dal Rossi 110mm White/Black Colour Chess Pieces ONLY

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Product Overview

A modern facelift to a timeless game: The Dal Rossi White/Black Chess Pieces are a statement in itself.

Suitable for an 'Avant-Garde' room or modernised designed home.

Pieces Details:

  • 32 Chess Pieces
  • Made of Metallic look Acrylic material
  • Triple Weighted Pieces (they feel nice and heavy in your hand and on the board)
  • King's Height 110mm approx
  • King's Base 47mm diameter

Chess Pieces Only - DOES NOT INCLUDE CHESS BOARD - Complete your set with our 50cm Carbon Fibre Board.

Suggested Board size 50cm or Larger.

Warranty Information

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review