How to Buy a Chess Set

We have a wide range of complete chess sets for you to choose from. Or, you can customize your set by selecting your own chess pieces and chess board separately. This guide will help you ensure that you buy the right size pieces for your board. 


Step 1: Select Chess Pieces

Do you like the look of the traditional Staunton chess pieces? Perhaps you are buying for a history or literary buff? They might enjoy one of our Themed Pieces.

Pieces are available in different sizes, colours, materials and weights.

When matching pieces to a chess board, the size must be considered. The chess board should be approximately half (in cm) the height of the King (in mm).
The standard sizes are: 
  • 70mm chess king suits a 35-40cm chess board
  • 85mm chess king suits a 45-50cm chess board. 
  • 95mm chess king suits a 50-55cm chess board.
  • 100mm-110mm chess king suits a 55cm-60cm chess board.

If you can't find a close match, use a larger chessboard square by up to 25%. If you choose a smaller square size you'll risk crowding the pieces. 

Step 2: Select a Chess Board

Chess Boards are available in many colours, materials and sizes.

Consider how and where you will use your chess set in order to determine the right board for you. We have a great range of tournament, outdoor and travel sets to meet all your chess needs!

If you're selecting a chess board to match an existing set of pieces it's important to note the size of the pieces and board.

Step 3: Select a box

Choose a beautiful box to keep your pieces tidy.

Well cared for and regularly used, your chess set should last a lifetime!







If you need any information or help please - contact us!