Chessplus Premium Boxed Set, Board and Pieces

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Product Overview

Chessplus Premium Boxed Set with Resin pieces.

A faster, more fluid and more dynamic chess game.

Merge pieces to combine their strengths creating powerful new forces, then split them when desired.

Discover fast new ways to attack, defend and promote.

The inspiration of a young girl playing chess with her dad. Wanting to win, she moved her rook onto a pawn’s square and announced  she could now move both pieces together, moving them to the far end of the board she quickly promoted to a queen and beat her dad. Chessplus was born!

Chessplus has all the strategy and beauty of traditional chess, with an additional measure of speed, excitement and queens, making it perfect for traditional chess players and newcomers alike.

One Chessplus Premium Boxed Set with Dark Charcoal and Ivory White Resin Playing Pieces and Wrap Around Board.

    • 38 quality resin playing pieces includes 6 extra queens for fast promotions.
    • One Unique and Elegant Chessplus Wrap Around Board.
    • Laser etched Chessplus Perspex Protective Case.
    • All base diameters are 1.0 inch /2.5 cm.
    • Height of king is 2.75″ inch / 6.9 cm.
    • Height of pawn is 1.75 inch / 4.3 cm.
    • Board Size: 1.75 inch / 4.2 cm
    • Weight of one full set is approx. 13.76 ounces / 390 grams.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review